Boat Rentals Lake Joseph

Boat Rentals Lake Joseph

Sea-Doo Rental Packages for Lake Joseph

Sea-Doo is a brand name of personal watercrafts made by Bombardier, a Canadian company. Sea-Doo is not only very popular in Canada, but they have 50% of total market share of personal watercrafts globally.

Muskoka Boat Rentals offers both short term and long-term rentals on variety of Sea-Doos for Lake Joseph. At Muskoka Boat Rentals, we not only have a variety of Sea-Doos to pick from, but we also offer very competitive Sea-Doo rental rates for Lake Joseph.

Sea Doo, Jet Ski or a Waverunner Rentals for Lake Joseph

People are often confused and don’t know the differences among a Sea-Doo, Jet Ski or a Waverunner. In fact all of the above-mentioned are the same, but they are just marketed as different brand names by different companies. Most popular among all are Sea-Doos made by Bombardier where Jet Skis and Waverunners are manufactured by Kawasaki and Yamaha respectively.

Muskoka Boat Rentals offers variety of SEA-Doos for rental at Lake Joseph. Reserve One today for your ultimate water fun.

Large Variety of Sea-Doos to choose from; Reserve your Sea-Doo for Lake Joseph today

Bowrider Boat Rentals Lake Joseph

Bowriders are probably the most popular boats regardless of whether you are a beginner boater or a seasoned veteran. Bowriders are your number one choice if you are looking to rent for just a day cruising on water or you are planning for water skiing and / or water tubing. A bowrider boat is a kind of a runabout boat that has a seating area in the bow, the forward part of the boat.

At Muskoka Boat Rentals, we offer many famous Bowriders brands for rent at Lake Joseph including Bowriders manufactured by Four Winns and Glastron, and we offer seating for six (6) to ten (10) people. These Bowrider boats combine comfort and performance to take your boating experience to the next level. Bring your party to the water with our Bowrider Boat rentals Lake Joseph.

Our Extensive Bowrider Boats include:

Glastron GT 180 (90 HP), Glastron GT 180 (115 HP), Glastron GLT 185 4.3L (200 HP), Glastron GT 200, Glastron GT 205 (200 HP), Glastron GTS 205 Tower (250 HP), Glastron GTL 225 (260 HP), Glastron GTS 225 Tower (300 HP), Glastron GTL 245 (300 HP), Glastron GTS 225 (330 HP),Glastron GTS 245 Tower (350 HP), Four Winns H180 (200 HP), Four Winns H190 (220 HP), Four Winns H200 (220 HP),Four Winns H210 (220 HP),Four Winns H230 (300 HP),Four Winns H260 (320 HP),Four Winns H290 Twin (600 HP) and Four Winns H350 Twin (860 HP).

Large Variety of Bowrider Boats to choose from; Reserve your Bowrider Boat for Lake Joseph today

Pontoon rentals for Lake Joseph

Pontoon boats are highly safe in rough waters. They are flattish boat that floats to remain buoyant. Muskoka Boat Rentals offers many famous Pontoons brands including Bennington and Southbay for rent in the Lake Joseph. Our Pontoon Boat Rentals in Lake Joseph allows our clients to take their cottage experience to the next level.

Our extensive fleet of Pontoon Boats include: Pontoon 50 HP (20 Feet), Pontoon 60 HP (20 Feet), Pontoon 90 HP (21 Feet), Pontoon 115 HP (22 Feet), Pontoon 150 HP (23 Feet) and Pontoon 200 HP (25 Feet).

Large Variety of Pontoon rentals for Lake Joseph

Watersports Boat Rentals Lake Joseph

Watersports is very popular at Lake Joseph for both residents and tourists and hence Watersports boat rental makes the day at water unforgettable. Muskoka Boat Rentals offers a variety of boats that combine speed and comfort that makes them ideal for watersports.

Our Fleet of Watersports Boats include: Mastercraft X 23 (320 HP), Mastercraft X 30 (400 HP), Mastercraft Xstar (522 HP) and Mastercraft X 46 (525 HP)

Our Watersports Boat Rentals for Ontario start at only $550 for 2 Hours

Boat Rentals Accessories for Lake Joseph

Muskoka Boat Rentals also offers exclusive boat rental accessories at affordable prices allowing our clients to maximize their adventure on water. Following are the favorite rental accessory packages we offer for Lake Joseph.

Water Ski Rental Packages Lake Joseph

If you have never tried Water Skiing, this is your chance. Rent Water Skis from Muskoka Boat Rentals for an amazing water-skiing experience. Our water ski rental package for Lake Joseph comes with water ski equipment, pull rope and a life jacket.

Tube Rental Packages Lake Joseph

Tubing is not only a great watersport, but it is also quite affordable. Enjoy a full day of Tubing in Lake Joseph starting at only $35 dollars per day. 

These Ski Tubes when attached to your boats surely pump a lot of adrenalin in your body. Don’t miss out, rent today!

Wakeboard Package Lake Joseph

Most people like to rent wakeboards as opposed to purchasing them since they may not use them that often. Why purchase Wakeboards if you can rent a Quality Wakeboard and Bindings starting at only $55 dollars per day?


$55 per day

Wakeboard (Adult) – $55/day

Wakeboard (Adult) – $55/day

Surfboard Rental Package Lake Joseph

Rent good quality Surfboards at Muskoka Boat Rentals. We carry well maintained gears to ensure our customer delights. Reserve your Surfboard today for only $55 dollars per day and enjoy your day on the water at Lake Joseph.

Ski/Tube Combo Rental Package Lake Joseph

All of our adventure loving customers love Muskoka Boat Rentals Ski/Tube combo. It is great for watersports lovers that are ready for an awesome day on the waters, but also want to save money. Renting Ski/Tube Combo together provides great savings.

Ski/Tube Combo

$45 per day

Starting at – $45/day

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